Geek Squad: How can I help you?

Me: I broke my phone screen again. :(

Geek Squad: How’d you do it this time?

Me: I was trying to reload my PEZ dispenser and when I couldn’t balance everything that I was holding, PEZ took priority.


Ok I just need to say this.

Just because you are 35 doesn’t mean you are mature and have more life experience then anyone younger than you.

Just because you are 25 doesn’t mean you are immature and lack knowledge or experience.

You can be 40 years old and never have truly lived a day.

You can be 17 and have survived through more than one person ever should in a lifetime.

All age means is that you came out of a vagina before or after I did.

If you feel the need to announce how awesome and mature you think you are and tell people only 7 years younger than you “How old are you? Oh god you’re just a kid! You don’t know anything yet!” I’m going to instantly assume that you are insecure and need to surround yourself with younger people to feel more advanced because when surrounded by your own age group you realize that you fall considerably short by comparison.

If you want to know how much life experience someone has, what they’ve been through, how mature they are, and want to learn from them, just ask them.

Stop judging the number and listen to the voice.

fandom-soldier asked:

How did you make that comic purse? My friend would love that!

I used Modge Podge glue (is a glue and a sealer), $1 makeup brushes from Family Dollar, an xacto knife, comics, and a stationary holder from Half Priced Books.

The stationary holder is plastic. I thought it looked like a purse so I decided to make it into such. It was only $6 :)
The gold thing on the front is a seal from a millennium edition comic which you can find for $0.50.

Before I use the comic cut-outs, I soak them in water. Kind of like paper mache. It makes it easier for them to stick nicely to the project and turn corners. Be careful though because while the comic is wet, if you touch it too much, the ink can rub off. I’m currently making a handle to turn it into a clutch.

Have fun :)
If you need anything I’m here!

P.s. youtube DIY comic crafts, you’ll find some really fun stuff