Conversations with Mikey #005: Gender Confusion.

(Mikey is my 5yr old nephew)

Mikey: “You look like a man.”
Me: “I do?”

Mikey: “Well, you’re wearing a suit like one.” (I was wearing my work uniform which was black pants, a white shirt, and a tie.)

Me: “This is my work uniform Mikey. And anyone can wear a tie. Not just boys, girls can wear them too.”

Mikey: “I know. I don’t think YOU should wear a tie.” (He did a sassy thing with his face and body lol)

Me: “haha why? I look bad in it?”

Mikey: “I don’t think you should wear it.”

Me: “Well I don’t think you should wear plaid (I point at his shirt). I don’t think you can pull it off.”

Mikey: “…My mommy picked it out.”

Me: “Well mommy picked wrong.”

I walked away and left him in defeat.

Thick Skin: Activated.

First day back to restaurants was Thursday.

Worked Thursday Double.
Sunday Double.

Food break? Nope.
Any break? Nope.
Did I complain? Nope.

Server complained? Yelled back.
Customer complained? Fixed problem.
Trainer sucked? Trained myself.

Apparently, you can take a girl out of restaurants for 3 years but you can’t take restaurants out of the girl.